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Wataniya Dedicates a Special National Song to Kuwait and Offers a Bundle of Activities in February

Published February 17th, 2010 - 10:12 GMT
Al Bawaba
Al Bawaba

Being always keen to reach beyond its customer’s expectations and in midst of a highly eventful month, Wataniya Telecom is ready to roll out its latest activities in the festive month in February 2010 ranging from media treats to sponsorships of national, athletic and business-oriented events.

“Wataniya Telecom’s top priority is to keep our people on the go with our fun-filled and momentous activities”, said Abdolaziz Al-Balool, PR Manager of Wataniya Telecom.

Al-Balool describes February as “The most important time of the year” in Kuwait; adding that “It marks our two utmost important national days along with the festive season of Hala February. Keeping in mind the occasions and our goal to constantly contribute to the society, Wataniya has a fun-filled calendar ready to be rolled out to meet our customer's expectations”

In a starting note, Wataniya Telecom in the spirit of nationalism shall mark its footprints during the month of Hala February by producing a video clip for the National and Liberation day which will be aired on various national channels. In line with entertainment related activities, Wataniya shall also produce a CD consisting of songs tailored specifically for the month of Hala Feb to be distributed to customers in the month of Feb!

Wataniya Telecom in cooperation with Ericsson, will be honoring their strategic partnership with Kuwait's media by conducting a lavish media for selected media personnel to the GSM World Conference in Barcelona.

Enjoying a prolific partnership with Ericsson, Wataniya Telecom’s prime objective behind the media treat is to give media an insight on latest technologies in Telecom and IT industries. Accordingly, Wataniya Telecom strives to maintain its relationship with the media not only in business terms but also considers them as their ally in Wataniya’s mission to provide Kuwait with the best possible communication services. 

Following the media treat is the sponsorship of Watan Annahar an annual national event held in London, UK which gathers all Kuwaiti students for the celebration of its national and liberation day. The event is an attempt to be a part of and promote the sense of nationalism and pride amongst the youth of Kuwait living abroad. With this sponsorship, Wataniya strives to strengthen its role of social responsibility and prove its constant efforts to provide the best for its people in and out the country.

Further to sponsorships, Wataniya Telecom will continue reinforcing its support in the sports sector while encouraging the athletic spirit of students in Kuwait by sponsoring an exciting football tournament for French schools in mid February. Wataniya shall be hosting the top three foreign schools in Kuwait: British Academy School (BAS), Lycee Francaise de Koweit (LFK) and American International School (AIS).

Aligned with the same goal of advancing athleticism and promoting a healthier Kuwait, Wataniya Telecom will further sponsor the Etihad Al Shabab Marathon which will take place at the Arabian Gulf Road where the winners will be awarded with prizes and gifts from Wataniya.

 In addition to sponsoring sport activities, Wataniya Telecom will also be present to show their appreciation and support to the much awaited Equestrian National Open Tournament towards end of February to which it enjoys exclusive sponsorship. 

On a continuous note to sponsorships, Wataniya will be sponsoring the Qadha o Qdoo exhibition that focuses on the evolvement of Kuwaiti youth’s vision of business and trading and their ability to manage business and projects. The sponsorship of this exhibition stems from the belief that Wataniya Telecom is proud of its younger generation and believes in their capabilities and hence will always be ahead in supporting them in every possible way.

Al-Balool concluded, "Wataniya's diversity during February comes from our constant approach to fulfill our customer's expectations and needs while make their journey with us a memorable one. We promise our customers more exciting services that are yet to come, as we have just started to demonstrate when we state that, “it’s just got started' ".

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