When Worlds Collide: Advanced Evil and Magic 101

Published April 14th, 2010 - 02:38 GMT

In his new thrilling fantasy novel, The Savior's Threshold: The Chronicles of Dourren: Book One (published by iUniverse), debut author Hesham Al-Emadi follows a regular high school student and his friends as they enter a fantasy world riddled with evil in order to find three swords of incredible power to put an end to oppression and let justice finally emerge.

An above-average high school student at Spring Palms High, Scott Kane lives a daily routine that few envy. Poised to be valedictorian of his class and almost assured of his entrance to the prestigious Southwood University, Scott only has one major problem: all-star bully Jack Williams. Jack has tormented Scott for the last seven years, and even though Scott has the moral support of his best friends Mark, Joseph and Henry, he avoids Jack whenever possible.

However, the status quo at the high school is about to be upset. When Henry suffers a life-threatening accident apparently because of Jack's incompetence, a furious Scott confronts his arch nemesis in the school's parking lot with every intention of beating him to a pulp. Just as Scott is about to deliver the final blow, their surroundings begin to shift violently, and the asphalt under their feet shatters like glass, casting Scott, his friends and Jack into a mystical portal.

Now inside the strange world of Dourren, a medieval world set on an asteroid floating in space, the boys find themselves on a journey filled with danger, excitement and incredible adventure beyond their wildest imaginations. As they learn about this new land, they become involved in a quest to obtain three swords of immense power - a voyage that will culminate in a battle against an unimaginable evil ... and teach them all about the meaning of true friendship.

Fast-paced, chock full of enticing action and poignant emotion, Al-Emadi's masterful The Savior's Threshold can finally teach young adult readers that real friendship is a precious gift that must be nurtured and cherished in order to stand against the most perilous of situations, even ones that confront the most nefarious evils.

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