Will Israel's Next President be a Woman?

Published May 31st, 2021 - 05:14 GMT
Miriam Peretz
Miriam Peretz (twitter.com)
The prime minister met with presidential candidate Miriam Peretz at his Jerusalem office on Sunday and will be meeting Peretz's opponent, Jewish Agency chairman Isaac Herzog, on Monday.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu decided not to endorse either candidate in Wednesday’s presidential election vote, a Likud spokesman said Sunday.

Netanyahu has had bad luck with presidential elections. He worked against President Reuven Rivlin seven years ago, endorsed Rivlin in the election he lost to Shimon Peres, and in 1998, during his first term as prime minister, he failed to unseat incumbent Ezer Weizman.

Netanyahu met candidate Miriam Peretz at his Jerusalem office on Sunday and will be meeting her opponent, Jewish Agency chairman Isaac Herzog, on Monday.

“Prime Minister Netanyahu expressed his appreciation for her life story, her personality and her activism,” a Likud spokesman said. “Netanyahu said Israel is blessed with two worthy candidates for president and that he is obligated by the Likud’s decision to enable its MKs to freely vote their conscience.”

Peretz thanked the prime minister and called him “deep” and a good listener. She said she told him of her vision for the President’s Residence under her leadership.

The Peretz campaign sent Likud MKs a petition signed by 600 Likud central committee members supporting her candidacy.

In a post on Twitter, Peretz wrote about the importance of bringing about national unity. She posted a picture from the American television show Friends and said if its cast could reunite, so could the people of Israel.

Herzog posted a video of his life story with photos of him meeting with world leaders, including US President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris.

“I have served the State of Israel my entire life,” he said in the video. “It would be an honor for me to serve you as the next president and work for the country I love.”

The 120 MKs will vote for the president by secret ballot on Wednesday. The winner will take over from Rivlin on July 9.

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