Working Hours of Financial Centers & Collection Department at GAM Extended to 6:00 pm

Published December 28th, 2009 - 03:17 GMT

Greater Amman Municipality (GAM) decided to extend the working hours of the seven financial centers and the collection section of the financial affairs department in the main building to be until 6:00 pm. The amendment on the working hour came into effect last Saturday 12/12/09 and continues until the last day of the year.

The extension of the working hours is attributed to the proximity to the end of the fiscal year and to remind the citizens of their due payments, such as current and previous property taxes.

GAM urged citizens to check the financial centers in the city center, north Amman, west Amman, the southern center, Marj Al Hamam, Na'ur, Al Jeezah, and the collection section in the main building to settle their dues including the current property taxes and any accumulated backlogs; to avoid paying a 10% of the property tax, a penalty that will be activated on 1/1/2010 otherwise certain legal procedures will be taken against late payers.

GAM had collected its due payments from the citizens in 2007 upon an agreement signed with the Legal Affairs directorate of the Ministry of Finance in compliance with the Public Dept Management law. 

City Deputy Manager of Financial and Administrative Affairs, Mahmoud Khleifat, said: "Signing the agreement with the Ministry of Finance is part of GAM keenness on collecting the public funds using the easiest ways to save time, effort, and expenses, as well as to conserve the state money".

This agreement enables the Legal Affairs & Public funds Directorate to properly collect all financial requirements reported by GAM, and to take all necessary legal procedures to handle them including confiscation of movable & immovable money of people subject to taxation.

Khleifat clarified the procedures taken by the Financial Department at GAM and the Public Dept Directorate to collect GAM's funds in compliance with the Public Funds law. Citizens, companies, and establishments were notified with their obligations through letters, notifications, and mail, in addition to announcements in newspapers declaring fines on late payers.

He added that the required dues are transferred to the Legal Affairs & Public Funds directorate of the Ministry of Finance, which also follows up with the citizens either by phone or written notes.

The accumulated amounts at GAM's fund reached to JD 258,132,000, which included current and previous property tax (JD 81,488,000), other dues for pavement, walk sides, etc (JD 95,000,000), and organization and compensation revenues attributed to skyscrapers and high buildings (JD 81,132,000).

Property tax for this year amounted to JD 22,748,000 attributed to 479,257 tax payers. By which JD 8,611,000 as previous property taxes and penalties had been collected until 30 October 2009.

Ministry of Finance collected JD 12,352,000 out of JD 51,826,000 since the agreement activation until 30 October 2009, and this collected amount includes property taxes, education taxes, and the sanitary drainage contribution, bearing in mind that JD 10,000,000 out of JD 36,704,000 from the property taxes is collected until 30 October 2009.

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