Yasalam Art of Racing continues to thrill

Published October 19th, 2009 - 01:55 GMT

Abu Dhabi Corniche’s F1 Fan Zone™ (the first official Formula 1 Fan ZoneTM for a host city brought to you by Mubdala) was the venue for some extraordinary art today as Jalal Luqman continued to work live designing a life-size replica Ferrari F1™ body shell.

Paintbrushes were replaced by programmes, graphics and a heat gun, as the UAE artist combined cutting-edge graphics technology and human skill to transform the exhibit as part of Yasalam’s ‘The Art of Racing’ series. Yasalam is the city’s dynamic programme of F1™-related events and entertainment, created to bring the entire community together celebrating the UAE’s biggest sporting event.

Jalal will continue to design the car live between 4pm and midnight until Sunday in order for members of the public to watch a piece of artistic history taking place as Jalal painstakingly transfers sheets printed from his multimedia designs onto the  fibre glass shells.

Today’s activity is the third of five events and the last chance for the Abu Dhabi community to witness the life-size F1™ replica cars being transformed by local artists. The final exhibit will take place air-side at Abu Dhabi International Airport for the enjoyment of thousands of visitors flying into the city for the big race. 

The moment when man and machine become one is the inspiration for Emirati Artist, Jalal Luqman’s concept for this life size replica Formula One™ car. One of Abu Dhabi’s most prominent artists, Luqman’s motoring masterpiece titled ‘The Speed Demon’ depicts how the driver’s feeling for the car dictates the response from the ultimate performance machine.

Luqman says: “Both man and machine are focusing on the finish line, breathing the same air, both feeling and responding to one another. I wanted to portray the energy and speed involved in F1™ and connect this to the vehicle and to the UAE with hints of the black, white, red and green of the national flag. Surroundings are blurred as attention is drawn to the helmet and the exceptionally quick and tuned mind it holds within.”

Often regarded as one of the more provocative Emirati artists, Jalal has consistently challenged his peers by both his subject matter and the manner in which he creates his art. He is the first artist of his kind to combine metal with digital art and his limitless approach to producing art is reflected in his dual style of creation.

Luqman uses digital paints from up to nine different computer programs, before embedding them in twisted industrial metal, which results in mind-jolting 3-D imagery, transcending normal boundaries. His work borders modern digital and dark gothic sculpture portraying innermost human emotions.

For over 18 years Jalal Luqman has conducted seminars and workshops in schools, colleges and universities as well as being a public speaker for art promotion in the UAE. In 2006, he co-founded the Ghaf Art Gallery, the first contemporary art gallery in Abu Dhabi, which is the vehicle he uses to encourage and develop upcoming artists.

The Art of Racing creates a fusion between motorsport and art, showcasing the country’s finest artistic talent in public locations across Abu Dhabi in the lead up to the race on November 1, 2009. Abu Dhabi’s Marina Mall and Emirates Palace already boast a finished replica car. Each exhibit reflects the artists’ interpretation of ‘What the 2009 Etihad Airways Formula 1™ Abu Dhabi Grand Prix means to the UAE’.

John Lickrish, Flash Entertainment’s managing director, commented: “Flash is proud to be delivering this exciting initiative together with KHP Consulting. The customisation of Formula 1™ replica cars by renowned Emirati artists epitomises our motivation behind Yasalam- to bring the spirit of racing to the people of Abu Dhabi in celebration of our capital playing host to the 2009 Formula 1TM, Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix."

Katja Heim, CEO of KHP Consulting, the company responsible for organising The Art of Racing with Flash Entertainment, adds: “To have an artist of the calibre of Jalal involved in this project was a real coup for us and we are delighted the Abu Dhabi public can see the results of his vivid imagination as we bring the spirit of F1™ to the whole community.”

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