Yemen: Government, rebels respect shaky truce

Published February 13th, 2010 - 03:12 GMT

Shiite rebels said on Saturday they have pulled out of an occupied airport in northern Yemen and were ready to free their Saudi prisoners based on to a truce agreed with the Yemeni government. "Today, we carried out our withdrawal from the perimeter of the airport of (the city of) Saada, where a plane will land for the first time" since August, rebel spokesman Mohammed Abdel Salam told AFP.


According to him, the rebels also started to dismantle roadblocks in the north and were preparing to free Saudi prisoners captured in border clashes that broke out in November. Salam stated "measures are underway to hand over the Saudi prisoners to a mediator, Ali Nasser Kersha," a tribal official from the northern province of Saada.


Calm prevailed in the north on Saturday, the second day of a shaky truce, which went into effect late on Thursday. "The situation is calm on all fronts in Saada province," said one military source.


A spokesman for rebel leader Abdul Malak al-Huthi confirmed there was no fighting, saying the "ceasefire is being respected and the situation is developing positively."


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