Yemen Serial Killer's Victims Found

Published May 25th, 2000 - 02:00 GMT

Yemeni police said they have found the remains of 15 women who they believe to be the victims of a Sudanese man arrested 10 days ago, BBC reported.  

The corpses, some of them headless, had been buried or hidden in sewers at the university in the capital, Sanaa, where the 45-year-old suspect worked as a mortuary attendant.  

Mohammed Adam Omar is alleged to have already confessed to the rape and murder of a far greater number of women over a four-year period - in Sudan, Kuwait, Jordan and Lebanon as well as in Yemen, added the agency.  

The case has caused uproar in Yemen, with newspapers condemning the university for hiring the man and criticizing the police for not arresting him earlier, BBC said.  

Omar is alleged to have confessed to up to 50 killings.  

"When I see women, and especially beautiful ones, something happens inside me and I can't resist. Something pushes me to kill and I even enjoy it," Omar was quoted as saying last week by a Yemeni weekly newspaper.  

He is also suspected of selling body parts. Police are looking for three associates who are suspected of involvement in the murders and the smuggling body parts out of Yemen.  

More than 2,000 university students demonstrated in front of the prime minister's office on Wednesday, demanding that Omar be put on trial.  

The demonstrators, who walked eight kilometers from the university campus in central Sanaa to the government office, also demanded that security officers and university officials be held accountable for not stopping the killer earlier.  

Student leaders met with Prime Minister Abdul-Karim al-Iryani and handed him a letter outlining their demands, added BBC – 



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