Yemen: Unity government announced amid ongoing clashes in south

Published December 8th, 2011 - 07:38 GMT

Yemen's vice president has announced the formation of a national unity government, the state news agency said. According to SABA, Vice President Abd-Rabbu Mansour issued a decree approving the formation of the new 35-member Cabinet headed by the independent politician Mohammed Basindwa. Government posts are equally divided between Outgoing President Ali Saleh's Congress Party and the opposition.

Basindwa said his government faces grave challenges, but said "we will work with all our potential to overcome any hurdle or difficulty."

Congress Party members will head the ministries of defense, foreign affairs and oil, while opposition politicians will head the ministries of interior, finance and information. The Cabinet also includes two women, one from each side.

Basindwa stated the government will focus on providing public services to the people including electricity, water, fuel and basic commodities together with restoring security and stability.

Meanwhile, reports said that the efforts to reach a truce between the Salafists and the Houthis in Dammaj in Saada province, south of Yemen broke down. The Houthis resumed their shelling on various targets in an attempt to control Braqa mountain which is overlooking Dammaj.

A spokesman for the Salafis in Dammaj conveyed that at least six people killed and 15 wounded, until the early hours of Thursday. Local sources indicated that more than 30 people from the Houthis died or wounded during the violent confrontations which are taking place in the vicinity of Braqa mountain. 


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