Yemeni Political Parties Blame Houthis Over Financial Crisis

Published October 10th, 2018 - 12:38 GMT
A member of the Houthi militias arranges money donated by Houthi supporters. (AFP/ File Photo)
A member of the Houthi militias arranges money donated by Houthi supporters. (AFP/ File Photo)

Yemeni political parties and organizations that support the legitimate government have held Houthi militias responsible for all the disasters in the country since their coup against national consensus and the transitional process.

They said Houthis are also responsible for destroying the economy, plundering resources and imposing war on Yemenis.

This came in a government statement issued by seven parties, representing the largest political constituencies in support of legitimacy, especially the “General People's Congress” and “Yemeni Congregation for Reform”, in the context of these parties’ renewed positions in regards of the developments in the country’s conditions.

“The Houthi militias bear full responsibility for the war it has waged against the Yemenis and the resulting tragedies affecting the lives of all Yemenis,” the statement said.

“If the militias did not turn against the political process by force, reject national consensus and political compromises, rob by force state institutions, try to suppress the people's will by destroying the legitimacy and declaring war on all its opponents and reject the solutions set by the UN references, Yemen would have enjoyed security and stability by now,” it explained.

It added that Houthi militias still want this war to be sustainable in order to maximize the human tragedies that are destroying Yemen and its people while insisting on rejecting the solutions agreed upon nationally, regionally and internationally.

With regard to the economic deterioration and devaluation of the currency, Yemeni parties asserted that “the state of collapse began with the control of the Houthi militias on the central bank, their acquisition of public resources, loss of cash reserves and depletion of savings and government accounts in all institutions until the economic collapse reached catastrophic levels.”

The Yemeni economy would have been completely collapsed by the Houthi policies without the support of the Arab Coalition, the remittances of expatriates and the resources of the liberated areas, the parties said.

They pointed out that despite the risks faced by the country’s economy, Houthi militias insist on looting, robbing seizing Yemenis’ savings and resources and refuse to pay public sector employees in areas that fall under their control.

In addition to that, the government is paying the salaries of employees in many government sectors and civil, military and security institutions in the liberated areas.

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