You Don't Say?!

Published August 29th, 2000 - 02:00 GMT

SHANIA TWAIN: Shania gave her first public performance when she sang "Country Roads" for her first-grade class' show- and-tell. 


ELIZABETH TAYLOR: Liz Taylor's mother was also an actress and used the stage name Sara Sothern. 


MADONNA: Pop idol Madonna’s new home is next door to 

British radio and TV star Chris Evans'residence in London's 





HULK HOGAN: WWF star Hulk Hogan is in talks to star 

alongside Angelina Jolie in the big screen version of Tomb Raider. 



SHAFT: The entire crew of Samuel L. Jackson’s film SHAFT were all walking around wearing leather Shaft hats, after Jackson responded to popular demand by handing them out wholesale on set. 




URIAH HEEP: Rockers Uriah Heep were the first group to headline the first Hungarian Harley Davidson Rally in Alscors on July 2000. 

The British group shared the stage with a Sumo-Wrestling 

contest and a table-top soccer tournament. 



SINEAD O’CONNOR: Sinead O’ Conner co-wrote tracks on her album Faith & Courage with Wyclef Jean, Dave Stewart and Brian Eno.  



SAMANTHA MUMBA: Irish chart-topper Samantha Mumba believes thatbeing black is an asset on the international pop scene. She claimsit will make her stand out from the crowd of blonde, blue-eyed 

babes such as Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera. She says, "It 

kicks almighty ass. If anything, it's an advantage."  



SIA: Australian pop sensation Sia's dad was a one- 

time member of 1980s hit group Men At Work. She says, "They had to 

sack him because he kept going to the front of the stage and 

playing the guitar with his teeth."  


S CLUB 7: S Club 7's Paul Cattermole still sucks his 



RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE: Rage Against the Machine star Tom Morello got so flustered while filming a lap-dancing scene in his debut movie Made it had to be re-shot 20 times.  



MICK JAGGER: Mick Jagger was disappointed to find that a $9,600 Picasso glass vase that caught his eye at the 20th Century Design exhibition in London's Olympia was reserved for 

someone else.  


RICHARD HARRIS: Hell raising actor Richard Harris claimed 

he no longer has an axe to grind with fellow actor Michael Caine. He said, "There are too many important things in life -no, there's too many unimportant things - to think about Caine." Cranky Harris has waged a war of words against the Dirty Rotten Scoundrels star since he labeled him, Peter O’ Toole and the late Richard Burton "drunks." 



ELISABETH SHUE: Actress Elisabeth Shue graduated from 

England's Cambridge University on Thursday June 8, 2000 with a 

degree in political science, 15 years after she dropped out of 




STEPS: H from Steps is making sure he relaxes on tour-by taking a device called a Massage Mate with him. He says, "It's fantastic. You can have a pulsing massage, a shiatsu massage, or a kneading massage, and it actually plays sounds as well. You can have birds tweeting or waves whooshing." 



DIANA ROSS: Singing Diva Diana Ross duplicated her original 

Supremes costumes from the 60s for the tour she had planned. The tour began in Pennsylvania on June 14, 2000. Unfortunately, neither the clothes nor the performance could save the show. Ross’s tours had to be canceled because a lack of sales. 



KATE CAPSHAW: Steven Spielberg’s wife Kate Capshaw is to 

indulge in a lesbian romp with supermodel Elle Macpherson in an 

upcoming, as-yet-untitled miniseries for American TV.  



GEORGE LUCAS: George Lucas’s company Industrial Light and Magic is branching out into animated movies.  

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