Zizinia Part II: Love War and Money

Published September 25th, 2000 - 02:00 GMT

Egyptian director Jamal Abdul Hamid started shooting the second installation of Zizinia, entitled Al Leil Wal Fanar

According to ‘Al Bayan’ newspaper, the series, one of Egypt’s most famous, was written by Ousamma Anwar Akasha and stars Yihya Al Fakharani, Hala Sudki, Huda Sultan, Nabil Al Hilfawi, Jamil Rateb, Firdos Abdul Hamid, Abu Baker Izzat, Mahmoud El Jundi and many more great names in Egypt. 

Alongside the big names, come 17 new talents, reported the UAE based daily. 

Meanwhile, the series has undergone various changes since it was first adopted. 

Egyptian mega-star Athar EL Hakim, scheduled to play the role of Aida, was suddenly replaced by Hala Sudki and two new faces Ahmad Said Abdul Ghani and Dalia Mustafa replaced Ahmad AL Suqa and Mona Zaki, Hiba Abdul Ghani replaced Nashwa Mustafa and Sharif Kheirallah replaced Riyadh Al Khawli. 

Two years after the first series was aired, head of Production at Egypt Television was able to solve some of the problems faced by the show. 

Meanwhile, Akasha decided to delve into Egyptian and Arab history in the popular areas for his new series. 

This second part revolves around the Palestinian war and the 1952 Egyptian revolution, which led to the downfall of the monarchy. 

The main character is Bashr Amer (Yihya Al Fakharani), who leaves the Zizinia area to go back to his Egyptian roots in Karmuz, where he finds his two brothers, Khamees and Murshidi fighting. 

According to Akasha, this second installation “focuses on the effect of Egyptian culture on Greek and Italian cultures.” 

The indoor shots were filmed in the Media Production City and Cinema City in Egypt and will continue till the end of next month. Outdoor scenes will be shot in Alexandria. 

Akasha has already written the final chapter of the 30-part series – Albawaba.com. 

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