11 Year Old Iranian Girl Marriage Highlights the Issue of Child Marriage in Islam

Published September 5th, 2019 - 06:44 GMT
Extra x Chromosome (Behance)
Extra x Chromosome (Behance)

A video of a child’s wedding party has circulated the internet. The 11-year-old's groom was said to be as old as 33.

This incident, which is not uncommon in most Islamic countries, has sparked anger and outrage from people all over the world.  In the video, the small girl in a vibrant local bridal gown is seen sitting next to a man in a white shirt who looks old enough to be her father. A man, presumably a Muslim cleric, is heard officiating the ceremony and asking the consent of the child bride three times, in accordance with Iranian tradition. The child passively says consents while quickly covering her face. Cheers and loud clapping follow. 

This is not the first or the last time such a marriage will occur. This incident raised questions about the legal age of marriage in Iran for girls and boys, where thousands of child marriages are recorded every year. According to statistics released by Iran's National Organization for Civil Registration, from March 2013 to March 2017, 1,007 girls under the age of 10 and more than 190,000 girls younger than 14 were married in Iran.

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