19-Year-Old TransWoman Discovered 'Riddled with Bullets' in Pakistan

Published July 4th, 2019 - 12:44 GMT
A photo circulating social media believed to be for 19-year-old Maya who was found dead in Pakistan.
A photo circulating social media believed to be for 19-year-old Maya who was found dead in Pakistan.


Pakistan’s LGBT+ community has been outraged calling for protests after a 19-year-old transwoman was found dead beside a river bank.


On Sunday, the body of Aftab Aurangzeb known by the name “Maya” was found “riddled with bullets” beside a river bank in the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan.

The transwoman has been living with friends in Peshawar after she was threatened by family.

On Saturday, a day before she was killed, Maya informed the police that her father and uncle were attempting to bring her home. In response, the police allowed the family to take her after they let the father sign a written assurance that his daughter won’t be harmed.

Yet, Maya was killed despite her friend’s warning to the police.

According to the police, the father has been arrested, but police are still searching for her uncle and brothers.

The story shocked Pakistan and the LGBT+ community in Peshawar.

They went on protests in the wake of the incident to demand a change of the law and protection to be offered to their community who are brutally prosecuted around the country.

On social media as well, the story launched debates over the laws criminalizing homosexuality in Muslim-majority country Pakistan.

Maya was not the first to be murdered by cold blood in the city. During the past year alone, two other trans people were killed in homophobic or “honor killing” crimes believed to be carried out by members of the family.

This crime has taken place by the end of June, the month that was chosen for the LGBT+ community to hold events in recognition of the LGBT+ impact in the world.

However, social restrictions and legal prosecution are still faced by LGBT+ communities in different parts across the world.

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