UN: 100,000 Palestinians homeless after Gaza offensive

Published September 4th, 2014 - 04:00 GMT
Al Bawaba
Al Bawaba

A UN reports says more than 100,000 Palestinians in the Gaza Strip are still homeless over a week after the end of Israel’s deadly war on the besieged Palestinian region.

The UN report said on Wednesday that at least 108,000 Palestinians are homeless because Israeli bombardment either totally destroyed their homes or damaged them too severely.

The report also noted that about 60000 people are sheltering in UN-run schools making it impossible for the academic year to begin on time.  The remaining have doubled up with relatives and friends, it added.

Palestinian officials estimate the number of the displaced is much higher. Some say over half of a million Palestinians were displaced during Israel's 50-day onslaught.

Israeli forces destroyed a nearby house being used to store aid supplies for Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. All of the supplies, including rice, sugar, pasta, and canned food were destroyed.

Meanwhile, Israeli forces have demolished a Palestinian home in East al-Quds (Jerusalem).  The forces accompanied by several bulldozers arrived in Beit Hanina and razed the house to the ground.

Tel Aviv forces had previously damaged the house on several occasions claiming that it lacks legal permission. The Palestinian family who owns the property says it has already applied to get the legal permission, but Israelis refuse to grant them the document.

According to the UN, Israel has destroyed more than 377 Palestinian homes in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem al-Quds displacing more than 750 people this year alone.

Almost 2,140 Palestinians, mostly civilians, including women, children and the elderly, were killed in 50 days of the Israeli onslaught on Gaza. Around 11,000 others were injured.

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