6-Year Old Syrian Boy, Fawaz, Returns Home After Months in Captivity

Published February 7th, 2022 - 07:43 GMT
Fawaz Qutaifan
Fawaz Qutaifan was abducted three months ag on his way back from school. (Twitter)

For three months, 6-year old Syrian kid Fawaz Al-Qatifan was kidnapped by a criminal gang in his hometown in Daraa to the south of Syria. Yet, his story did not make it to online platforms until after the tragedy of Morocco's Ryan last week.

According to his family, Fawaz was kidnapped by a gang that called his family and demanded a 50 million Syrian Liras ransom, which is about $150,000 USD.

On Saturday, online people widely shared videos of Fawaz's family as they celebrated his return home after the ransom money was collected by donations and paid to the bandits.

The Qatifan family, who was unable to collect the needed money to save their child, had called on Syrians and social media users to help them free Fawaz.

Fawaz's family had also shared videos that were sent to them by the gang in which 6-year-old Fawaz can be seen beaten and tortured by the individuals who have been trying to pressure his family to send the money in exchange for the child.

Online calls had also featured well-known Syrian actor Abdulhakeem Qutaifan who hails from the same family as Fawaz. Abdulhakeem Qutaifan posted a video on his social media channels pleading for Syrians to help free the 6-year old as soon as possible.

Other commentators expressed their concern that sending in the money for the kidnappers might result in an increase of such crimes, as more criminals will aim at kidnapping kids for ransom as an easy way to obtain cash in the war-torn country with a severe economic crisis.

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