Al Jazeera 'AJ+ Arabic' in the Spotlight over Holocaust Video

Published May 19th, 2019 - 09:13 GMT
Al Jazeera in English and Arabic
AJ+ vs AJ Arabic. Sometimes, the two are quite different.

In English, AJ+ is a "woke" news brand for digital consumers, with a strong focus on the US market. It has a progressive slant, with a focus on race, identity politics and islamophobia. In Arabic, the same network is a little different... and the Internet is starting to notice the discrepancy.

In one article, AJ Arabic asks "What is the truth of the #Holocaust and how did the Zionist movement benefit from it?" This article was subsequently deleted by Al Jazeera.

On AJ+ English, a similar caption reads "This Holocaust survivor retells the horror of "What can happen when good people don't do anything." Same network, quite a different tone.


Of course in the Middle East, bloggers and netizens have been creating memes about AJ+ vs. AJ Arabic for some time - the two channels are famously schizophrenic, to put it politely. This article however, was a particularly egregious example.

Increasingly, western bloggers  - particularly those on the right - are starting to notice too, with tweets often comparing Qatar's human rights record with the social justice messaging of its English language news service. 

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