American Youtuber Calls Egypt ‘The Worst Place to Film’

Published April 10th, 2022 - 07:01 GMT
Best Ever Food Review Show Egypt
Maker of Best Ever Food Review Show visited Egypt and expressed regret. (YouTube)

Despite Egyptian efforts to promote itself as one of the world's leading tourism spots, welcoming visitors from all around the world contributes to around 12% of its annual GDP, a YouTube video posted by American food and travel vlogger Will Sonbuchner has reached millions of views in the span of few days, narrating a different reality.

Will Sonbuchner is known for his travel and food content posted primarily on his YouTube channel Best Ever Food Review Show has posted two videos so far, expressing disappointment and anger at the treatment he and his crew received during their trip to Egypt.

Sonbuchner explained that his team had carefully planned the trip to Egypt for over 10 weeks, saying that all filming requirements were acquired prior to arrival. However, he said that Egyptian authorities gave him a hard time, by examining suitcases, confiscating cameras, and ordering the removal of several shots throughout the trip.

The creator of Best Ever Food Review Show also cites the confiscation of his drone camera at the airport, before other items were inspected by security crews at the hotel he arrived at, in the capital city of Cairo.

Sonbuchner, who has so far posted two videos, explained that he was well aware of the many requirements for filming in Egypt, saying that the permit issued for his team was not enough to guarantee a smooth experience. He went on to say that a police officer had answered that the permit "only helps to keep him out of jail."

He then heavily weighed on the fact that Egypt makes every effort to promote itself as a tourist-friendly country, saying that his experience was "a nightmare."

Waiting for the update vid on Best Ever Food Review Show where Egypt Tourism is suddenly kissing their ass, begging for them to come back to Egypt so they can "prove" that Egypt isn't as corrupt as Sonny & his team experienced.

— ??? (@sjelli3) April 10, 2022

Consequently, Sonbuchner and his team filmed their Egypt trip using iPhone devices. 

The first video posted on the Best Ever Food Review Show channel has been watched by more than 3 million people, while his second one is approaching 1 million views within the first 24 hours, which could have a major impact on Egypt's reputation as a tourist attraction.

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