Any Offers? Lithuania is to Sell CIA "Black Site"

Published January 26th, 2022 - 12:03 GMT
CIA “Black Site”
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Why would anyone care to buy a former CIA jail which was once a place where detainees used to be tortured, hit or even killed under aggressive investigation? A place where the screams of detainees can still be echoed through the walls.  

The Lithuanian government’s real estate fund revealed on Monday that it might sell the ex-secret facility, recognized by the code names “Project No. 2” and “Detention Site Violet,” the Guardian said.

However, the government of  Lithuania has not yet determined the possible price for the CIA facility yet. Parliament has declared that there is no official data showing this place held prisoners.

The auction of the former CIA “Black Site” was met with much reaction across the social media with some calling it a harsh deal for all torture survivors and others dashing claims it might have been used as a prison.

One said: “A horrifying former CIA ‘black site’ in Lithuania that reportedly used to detain terror suspects under constant light and high intensity noise, has been put on the market.”

The Washington Post reported the site was used among America’s secretive rendition program in the aftermath of the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks, under which the Central Intelligence Agency kept suspected Islamist militants in jail outside of US jurisdiction.

The report also suggested that inside this CIA site the US was able  to interrogate foreign suspects without any charges. Furthermore, prisoners were subjected to brutal interrogation tactics that were slammed by human rights groups and US judges as torture, including sleep deprivation, solitary confinement and waterboarding.

The European Court ruling had asked Lithuania to open an “effective investigation", but it failed to do so, Amrit Singh, a lawyer for the Open Society Justice Initiative stated.

On the other hand, the European Court of Human Rights recently confirmed the 10-room barn in a Lithuanian forest was used as a prison where detainee were exposed to torture and were being shaved once entering blindfolded, hooded and shackled.

The court also added Lithuanian authorities were familiar with what’s going on inside the CIA black site and cooperated with it.

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