Are the Lebanese Parliamentary Elections Being Manipulated?

Published May 16th, 2022 - 10:55 GMT
Parliamentary Elections
Some Lebanese claimed that there were forged in the latest parliamentary elections. (Social Media)
Some Lebanese claimed that there were forged in the latest parliamentary elections.

Several videos and photos were shared online showing a possible election fraud after the start of the votes counting, Sunday afternoon, for the Lebanese first parliamentary elections since the start of the economic crisis in the country.

The first video, which was widely shared on social media platforms, shows a group of men and women,  with Hezbollah flags, changing the ballots in one of the polling stations in Baalbak Hermel.

Different comments and reactions followed the video, as some people said: "At least we know they feel intimidated enough to cheat. They know they are becoming less popular and more hated day by day."

While another announced that he is now waiting for an explanation from the group that supports the Hezbollah party. Moreover, a Reddit user declined a fraud case saying that these people were just counting the votes when someone replied to him confirming that this is an election fraud; clarifying that when votes are being counted they remove them from their envelopes. However, in the video, the group is seen placing them into the envelopes.

Another photo was shared showing Hezbollah and Amal movement representatives interfering in the sorting process in South Lebanon's Ainata village.

And electoral fraud was not limited to vote counts, some party representatives were seen in some areas standing next to voters when they shouldn't have.

Kif yeene snadi2 france woslo maksourin w makboub 7eber 3leyun? Ya aayb l choum

— J💎 (@PositiveCurvyJK) May 15, 2022

According to sources, vote boxes that came from France were broken with a possibility that the boxes were opened and the votes might have been changed before reaching Lebanon noting that expatriates have voted a week before the Lebanese's parliamentary elections held on May 15th.

According to AFP, Early results show that the biggest bloc, led by the Iran-backed Shiite Muslim Hezbollah party, has won fewer seats than in previous elections.

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