Are Palestinian Laws Complicit in Killing a Young Woman?

Published February 18th, 2021 - 09:22 GMT
Are Palestinian Laws Complicit in Killing a Young Woman?
Israa Gharib was a makeup artist who's calls for help were not answered until after she was killed in August 2019. (Twitter: qudsn)

More than a year after her death, the case of 21-year old Israa Ghrayeb continues to make headlines in Palestine and other neighboring countries, especially after the latest legal decision to release three of her family members on bail, while investigations are carried out.

Ghrayeb, a native of Beit Sahour town near Bethlehem in the West Bank, was killed in August 2019, several days after she was hospitalized for injuries her family insisted were a result of paranormal activities, denying any involvement in her death.

Yet, several statements made by her close friends, in addition to a sound clip released by a nurse, who heard her screams while she was in the hospital a few days before her death, have successfully prompted a massive public outcry, as thousands of people expressed their concern that she might have been killed by her family on the basis of photos she had posted with a potential fiance.

According to an autopsy, Israa's death after leaving the hospital was due to complications of " "severe respiratory failure," which followed multiple injuries.

However, the latest court decision to release the three main suspects on bail has angered social media users; who accused the Palestinian courts of complicity with Israa's murderers, saying that "suspects of a murder should never be freed."

Using the old hashtag #Justice_For_Israa, thousands of tweets have called on Palestinian officials to take the chance and set more strict laws that can actually provide Palestinian women with the protection they need, in a society that still suffers from the "honor crimes" phenomena that takes a toll on women's lives and wellbeing.

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