Are there LGBTQ+ treatment centers in Jordan?

Published January 17th, 2023 - 12:08 GMT
treatment centers
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ALBAWABA - A Reddit user, recognized as Kawaii_kawaii_8512, stirred debate on social media after asking if there are LGBTQ+ treatment centers in Jordan. 

The question, which was posted on the Jordan subreddit under the flair "Question/Help — سؤال/مساعدة," dragged over 100 comments with some saying LGBTQ+ is not a disease that can be treated. 

A commentator advised the Reddit user to contact the "My place in Amman" center adding that they might be able to help in the case. 

Some people asked if the person watches too much porn leading so that the individual thinks to be part of the LGBTQ+ member. 

One said: "Living here as an LGBT sucks. But I can introduce you to people who are accepting which will help your depression too." 

Another denied the possibility of LGBTQ+ centers in Jordan adding that people with such desires will never admit and confess in front of others as they might be afraid of being judged. 

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