'Baby Bin Laden': The Terrorist's Daughter Takes on Social Media and Strongly Bashes Trolls

Published October 18th, 2020 - 06:09 GMT
'Baby Bin Laden': The Terrorist's Daughter Takes on Social Media and Strongly Bashes Trolls
Only last month did Bin Laden's Swiss-national niece endorse Donald Trump and QAnon conspiracy theory. (Twitter: @dntpreemeweirdo)

9 years after his death and 19 years after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, Bin Laden's name is still igniting social media conversations. Only last month did his Swiss-national niece endorse Donald Trump and QAnon conspiracy theory, but this time, his daughter, or at least a young teenager who claims to be his daughter, has caused Twitter controversy.

Using her 7 years-old Twitter account, Saba had appeared to be the average teenager whose tweets have no major hints of politics, but on the 11th of October, she posted photos of the so-called terrorist saying that he's her dad. Her post quickly went viral as social media users retweeted it in shock.

However, the young bin Laden or "Baby Bin Laden" as she calls herself didn't ignore trolls, who shamed her for being one of Bin Laden's many children. In one of her tweets following the one in which she revealed her identity, Saba lashed out at users condemning their attitude of "crying over what Bin Laden did but totally ignoring the millions of Muslims killed in Afghanistan and other countries following 9/11."

She went on to say that he "was a good father figure to her" and that "what he did is none of her business."

Even though Saba's social media accounts include the Afghan flag, her tweets have all been in English, while it remains unclear where she resides, or whether she is living with her family or not.

Saba isn't the first Bin Laden woman to come to light in recent years, especially as the Bin Ladens continue to be amongst Saudi Arabia's wealthiest and most prominent families.

In 2018, Osama Bin Laden's mother, Alia Ghanem, was featured in a long interview by The Guardian, speaking about her son's early years and how they lived during the early 2000s as her son was the world's most wanted figure, and reacting to his death after a US Strike in Pakistan in May 2011.

Last month, Osama's niece, Noor Bin Laden spoke to the New York Post in an interview, in which she expressed her support for the US President Donald Trump in his efforts to win re-election, saying that he's "the only president who can stop another 9/11 from happening."Osama Bin Laden's name also made headlines last week, after Donald Trump retweeted a conspiracy theory suggesting that Bin Laden "is alive and that his death was staged by the Obama-Biden administration".


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