Beautiful Iranian Nurse Recites Poetry for COVID-19 Patients (Video)

Published August 26th, 2021 - 12:21 GMT
Iranian nurse aim to relieve Covid-19 patients' pain using poetry
Iranian nurse, recognized as Ms. Ahmadi. (Video Screenshot/ Twitter)
Covid-19 patients are enjoying some poetry with hope it will relieve pain.

A video has gone viral days ago of an Iranian nurse  reciting poetry for COVID-19 patients at one of the country’s hospitals in Isfahan region .

The Iranian nurse, recognized as Ms. Ahmadi, is believed to recite poetry for coronavirus patients every day.

‘We are the rain to the desert of people’s hearts; Until there is breath, we will be protecting you.’ A line from the poem she read was shared by people who know the Iranian language.

People worldwide have widely interacted with the Iranian nurse by sharing the video and encouraging such acts amid the COVID-19 pandemic unrest, which affected not only people physically but also mentally.

Other social media users have flirted with the Iranian language saying (Persian/ Farisi) is the most beautiful language in the world and it is pleasing to the ears.

While others highlighted the importance of poetry in the lives of Iranian people. Tehran has a rich tradition of poetry, with famous poets like Hafez and Rumi.

Iran is still suffering from COVID-19 crisis as vaccines are in short supply. According to the Iranian health ministry data up till August 18th, Iran is experiencing a “fifth wave” of the pandemic with a daily death toll of about 655 and a total of almost 100,000 deaths since the pandemic started.

The country has registered over 4.8 million COVID-19 cases despite the fact that Tehran is currently trying to develop its home-generated vaccines; and cases are still on the rise.

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