Blue and Yellow Cosmonauts by Russian Astronauts Are NOT Political

Published April 10th, 2022 - 07:49 GMT
Blue and Yellow Cosmonauts
Blue and Yellow Cosmonauts were interpreted as a political statement against the invasion of Ukraine. (Twitter)

Three weeks ago, photos coming out of the international space station at which a number of Russian astronauts had arrived prompted online discussions over whether or not they had planned "an act of defiance" against Russian authorities amid the invasion of Ukraine.

Photos that were shared on the internet in mid-March 2022 featured three Russian astronauts who sported yellow and blue cosmonauts, largely interpreted then as an expression of solidarity with the people of Ukraine, as it matches the colors of Ukraine's flag.

However, the photos that were widely hailed as a "courageous rejection of the war" have once again made headlines after a Russian astronaut explained that he and his team had worn the blue and yellow spacesuits in recognition of the university they graduated from, that is Bauman Moscow State Technical University, where logos are mostly blue and yellow.

All three Russian astronauts have expressed extreme shock that the colors they wore sparked worldwide reactions. 

On the 24th of February 2022, Russia launched its wide-scale military invasion into Ukrainian territories, announcing plans to "neutralize and disarm" the neighboring country that had been trying to join the NATO military alliance and the European Union.

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