'Book of Yeezus': Has Kanye West Written His Own Bible?

Published December 9th, 2021 - 10:21 GMT
Kanye West new bible Book of Yeezus
Kanye West has recently changed his name to Ye. (Shutterstock - Edited by Albawaba)

Last year, famous American rapper Kanye West made headlines when he announced plans to run for US President during the 2020 race. His bid then failed quickly. Two months ago, he changed his name to "Ye," reminding social media of a "Bible" he wrote a few years ago.

In 2014, Kanye West, or Ye, published his own version of what he called the "Book of Yeezus," in which he replaced every mention of God with his own name.

At that time, the book received considerable media attention but was quickly forgotten by fans and commentators who thought it showed just how much ego the rapper has.

However, conversation about Kanye's book resurfaced online again with tweets expressing shock over his daring move, calling it "a bible for the modern-day."

Some also questioned whether or not he can be described as a "narcissist," based on not only his bible, Book of Yeezus, but also other statements he has made over the years.

Kanye's statements have always ignited questions over his mental health, especially after he opened up about suffering from mental health issues for years during a YouTube interview in 2019.

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