'China Has a Virus Production Line': Could the Chinese Govt Be Launching a Virus-Focused War Against the Rest of the World?

Published July 6th, 2020 - 06:30 GMT
'China Has a Virus Production Line': Could the Chinese Govt Be Launching a Virus-Focused War on the Rest of the World?
COVID-19 has so far infected more than 11 million people and killed over 500k worldwide. (Twitter: @IaamK10)

SARS, Swine Flu, COVID-19, Hanta Virus, and now the bubonic plague, why did all of these viruses either originate or appear in one form or another in China during the last 7 months?

As the world continues to live an unusual year that started with a first-of-its-kind pandemic, killing over half a million people and infecting more than 11 million worldwide, there are several announcements made by the Chinese government, warning of new diseases and viruses that have the potential of becoming the new pandemic. These announcements are pushing a lot of people to wonder whether the emergence of various viruses in the same country is a mere coincidence or if it has to do with intentional trigger planned by the Chinese government.

Frustrated by the world's inability to control the spread of the deadly Coronavirus and overwhelmed by continuous news of brand new viruses, many emerging through animals, more and more people are now talking about the possibility a biological-war launched by China against the world; especially as the country's officials figures show a unique sense of control over the pandemic that originated in the Wuhan wet market last December.

Social media commentators in favor of this conspiracy theory went on to talk about China's possible operations to "manufacture" and "produce" viruses so it continues to affect the already troubled the world.

Anger towards China is not only limited to people believing in a Chinese plan to ignite a virus-focused war, especially as most new viruses have been linked to Chinese habits of consuming wild animals such as bats, marmots, and pigs.

Some social media users went on to accuse China of targeting the whole world in a new form of international war, terming it WWIII.

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