The China-Taiwan War Drums Beat to an American Tune!

Published October 7th, 2021 - 11:18 GMT
Is there an impending war in the Far East?
China and Taiwan: Will relations ever cool down (Shutterstock)

ALBAWABA – War drums are beating in East Asia at a rapid pace! China continues to make its claims on Taiwan through its flyover incursions and the country’s airspace. In just one week 100s of Chinese military flights were made over Taiwan! And the action may continue.

Is China preparing for war? Does it want to relay its claim on Taiwan in a more forceful manner. And how is Taipei supposed to act? Experts and commentators argue that Chinese sorties over the island are made all the time and there is nothing to worry about but this is systematic over a period of days according to the UPI news agency. The world is watching and so are the Americans who are seeking a bigger role in the Pacific.

But the social media has been buzzing with “war-mongering” comments about the next south-east Asia war over Taiwan. This time China is making sure everybody receives its message loud and clear: It is military harassment par excellence if this is the right term to use!

The number of sorties differ by the day: First it was 56 high-powered military jets who made their way over Taiwan, the number before that was 38 and then there was more reports about air activities in the skies above. Then they were reports by the Turkish Anadolu news agency that warplanes flew into the so-called Taiwan’s air defense identification zone (ADIZ) 150 times.

Taiwanese Defense Minister Chui Kuo-cheng has expressed fear about what is happening. He told a press conference, also quoted by UPI that China could launch a fill scale invasion of his country within four years. "By 2025, China's costs and attrition will be brought to the lowest level and it will have the ability to launch a full-scale invasion of Taiwan," he said, UPI reports quoting Taiwan News.

One Arab writer on the social media suggests thus: “China is a strong nuclear power but it is a state that will not allow itself to indulge in a war it may lose.” He adds “there are many other ways to occupy Taiwan other than military invasion, through planes and weapons. It’s a question of time before Taiwan is occupied”.

As well, it should be clarified that the Chinese planes were not exactly fly over the Island, which was split from China in 1949, but within the ADIZ which is a buffer zone that is outside the country’s airspace also as reported by Anadolu.

So the situation might be blown out of all proportions as there is a backdrop to the tiff between Beijing and Taipei which is the friendly ties the United States that has long developed with Taiwan. Washington is carefully watching!

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