Cocaine in 11 UK Parliament Toilets: Why Didn’t MPs Get Tested?

Published December 7th, 2021 - 09:03 GMT
Cocaine in 11 UK Parliament Toilets
Traces of cocaine have been found in 12 bathrooms in the UK Parliament on Sunday. (Shutterstock - Edited by Albawaba)

Out of 12 bathrooms in the UK Parliament building, traces of cocaine have been found in 11, sparking questions over the illegal use of drugs in the country's house of legislation.

Even though British officials have been expressing deep concerns over cocaine found by the police in the UK Parliament this week, including statements made by the UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson and the House of Commons Speaker Lindsay Hoyle, condemning the findings and promising tighter policies on drug pass to the building.

The police revealed that investigations detected the material in a number of places accessible only to people with parliamentary passes, including in facilities close to the Prime Minister's office.

However, the fact that no members of the Parliament have been tested for cocaine use triggered online questions over double standards, compared to how average citizens would be investigated in case drugs were found in their offices or facilities they use on a regular basis. 

While many online commentators mocked their legislator's apparent use of drugs, many social media users who expressed surprise over the reports questioned the reason Parliament members were not tested following the police search up. 

Other voices wondered whether or not the official response to the issue will apply to drug use in the UK in general, considering it "a health crisis to solve" instead of it being "a crime to prosecute people over.

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