Comoros is Israel's Latest ‘Normalization’ Friend

Published October 19th, 2021 - 08:59 GMT
Comoros (Shutterstock)

ALBAWABA – Up till now there has been much guesswork about which country in the Arab world is going to normalize relations with Israel next.

Every once in a while. voices would come out and say one more Arab country is going to be next in establishing diplomatic relations with the Jewish state and we are kept wondering, dying to know if it maybe added, just which state? Who is to follow the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Sudan, and Morocco in the illustrious quest of normalization, peace-making, and goodwill to all men?

Well, wait no longer for it is the Jerusalem Post who spilled the beans this time. It reported that indeed, it is Comoros that is going to establish relations with the government of Israel.

Comoros, what are they, were are they and are they a country. Hold on! One question at a time please. The Comoros are a set of Islands, an archipelago off the East Africa coast, off the tip of Madagascar facing towards Tanzania and at the end of the Mozambique Channel.

So what is their relations to the Arab world? Well, not very much really except the fact that they are a member of the Arab League. Still, Israel could certainly be happy about that and can justifiably boast that five “Arab states” have established relations with it, with the last being Comoros. Hurrah!

The social media hasn’t exactly been over the moon with such news except to retweet the Jerusalem Post story as if this is a major achievement for the Abraham Accords which former US President Donald Trump tried to force on the region towards 2020 and as part of his “Deal of the Century” project.

Bloggers were not too happy with the news either. Off course and as expected some were by way of retweeting the story but others displayed the usual sense of humor.

One said “at this point, Israel will probably seek diplomatic relations with Mars next! Another put it this way: “When you get to the last round of your fantasy-football draft and the players you already you actually wanted have already been snapped up."

What does he actually mean by that? Never mind! Another was not afraid to say what he thinks: “I made a joke that sure [Yair] Lapid [Israeli Foreign Minister] will make peace with the Comoro Islands after the war with Poland. The Comoro consists of volcanic islands, one of the poorest and undeveloped in the world [and] in few years the global warming will turn them into the Atlantic.”

And with this where we say adios!

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