Demons Jail in Yemen! Bottomless Hole of Hell

Published June 23rd, 2021 - 11:49 GMT
Well of Hell is a huge-deep hole in the desert of Al-Mahra province in Yemen
(Albawaba News/ Rami Khoury)
Well of Hell in Yemen's Al-Mahra province believed to be a huge jail for demons.

By Sally Shakkour

The Well of Barhout or what is known as ‘Well of Hell’ is a huge-deep hole located in the desert of Yemen's Al-Mahra province. According to the authorities, the well’s depth rounds between 100-250 metres. However, they never reached the bottom.

Yemeni officials also revealed that they have no idea what’s inside it. Legends claim it is a place where demons are being jailed.

The director-general of Mahra's geological survey and mineral resources authority, Salah Babhair, the so-called ‘Well of Hell’ in Hadhramaut doesn’t have much oxygen, has no ventilation, and remains unexplored. 

Various legends were released about the story behind the huge-deep hole. Some people say it's a jail for bad demons, defying their claim that ‘Barhout’ word is an old definition referring to demons’ place or can also mean the valley of demons.

Another legend says the hole dates back to B.C and it emerged due to a falling star. But others suggest that one of Yemen’s old kings used a demon to make the hole where he laid all his fortune there, so when he dies; demons will protect his possessions.  

Famous stories on the well of hell are also very common. The first is that a woman left her baby near it when she came back she didn’t find her child; the second story narrated that one of the scientists entered the well to explore it then loud screams were heard. The scientist was pulled out; however his bottom half was cut off.

Omani citizen slammed all the legends saying the science developed so much and authorities should be able to send a drone inside to discover it. He added Oman has one the biggest caves in the world called ‘Demons council hole’, but it is only a deep cave.

Plants and birds are believed to be living inside the Well of Barhout, but unfortunately there are no scientific missions to discover the inside of the well.

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