While Country Is Short on Cash; Thousands of US Dollars in Lebanese Trash Bin

Published October 13th, 2021 - 07:56 GMT
US dollars in trash bin
Social media users shared photos of thousands of 100-dollar bills in trash. (Twitter: @oualido)

While millions of Lebanese people continue to suffer the severe consequences of the financial crisis their country has been plagued with for more than two years, residents of Sin el Fil suburb were surprised to see thousands of 100-dollar bills thrown in a trash bin by the street.

Sharing photos of the mysterious US dollars in the trash on Monday morning, Lebanese people wondered about the source of the much-needed money in the country facing a historic economic crisis that has been labeled by the World Bank as the world's worst in 150 years.

According to official sources, the total number of $100 USD bills found in that spot was 3889.

Translation: "Happened this morning in Sin el Fil near Byblos, Lebanon: people woke up to this trash bin."

Yet, local police investigations found out that all of the dollars were printed with the "For filming not for trade" phrase on the back, suggesting that they were not real bills.

This official announcement stirred many jokes amongst Lebanese social media users who said they were "relieved" to know that the discarded money their country needs was not fake.

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