Did Bill Gates Predict the Coronavirus Outbreak?

Published March 18th, 2020 - 01:12 GMT
Did Bill Gates Predict Coronavirus ? and Should We Listen More to the Likes of Him? 
Bill Gates has been involved in philanthropy for years since his 2006 announcement (Shutterstock)


COVID-19 has infected two-hundred thousand persons around the globe, thus far, ceasing eight-thousand lives. And although eighty-thousand have recovered, people can't help but wonder; could all of this been avoided ?

In a 2015 video, that has been widely re-shared across social media since the 2019 Coronavirus outbreak, Bill Gates warns that the world hasn't prepared its health systems to face a virus outspread or a pandemic, highlighting how developed countries are keen to develop nuclear weapons, completely overlooking the possibility of having to face a deadly disease.

Some online users linked this video to today's global emergency, implying that no one can be this precise like (Bill Gates) without being an associate in crime.

Bill Gates the billionaire and previously CEO of Microsoft, who despite 44 years of continuous work, has just stepped down from Microsoft board. According to his statement five days ago, Gates attributes his plans to become a full time philanthropist as the main reason for his decision. And adds; he wishes to focus on; “ Global health and development, education, and my increasing engagement in tackling climate change."

Several commentators went a little too far, linking his foundation's involvement, back in 2013 according to Forbes, with the German pharmaceutical company (CureVac), that has been reportedly developing a vaccine for COVID-19, suggesting that he might be behind developing the deadly virus in the first place. 

And some questioned his decision to step down from Microsoft office at this time in particular. 

From a non-conspiracy perspective, Bill Gates has been involved in philanthropy for years since his 2006 announcement that he “will be putting aside his day-to-day work with Microsoft and devote more time to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation" (BMGF), whose main goals are; "to enhance health care and reduce extreme poverty, globally.

On multiple interviews and Ted Talks, Gates stepped up to raise concern on global issues that need people's collective attention, including pandemics and health systems' vulnerability. Somehow Gates predicted the predicaments currently unfolding leaving people  wondering, if they are paying enough attention to the statements of those scientists and philanthropists, who can be key to preserving the environment and saving the planet ?

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