Did Iran Attack An Israeli Cargo Ship In The Gulf In response to the Syria Strike?

Published February 28th, 2021 - 07:07 GMT
Did Iran Attack An Israeli Cargo Ship In The Gulf In response to the Syria Strike?
On Friday, the Israeli-owned cargo ship went through an 'unexplained blast'. (Twitter: @sebusher)

A mysterious blast onboard an Israeli-owned cargo ship near the shores of Oman has been reported last Friday, before unnamed Israeli officials accused Iran of the attack that took place several miles away from Iranian borders, in the Gulf.

Even though the alleged attack only caused limited damage without threatening the safety of the ship or its crew, the timing of the blast and its proximity to Iran have suggested the country's role in the incident.

According to the Times of Israel, the attack came only one day after a US Strike near the Syrian-Iraqi border, one that has targeted Iranian-backed militias for the first time since the inauguration of US President Joe Biden.

Analysts linked the attack on the Israeli cargo ship to the US strike, saying that it sends an alarming message to the US, which has not yet joined talks to resign the Iranian nuclear pact crafted in 2015, three years before Donald Trump decided to withdraw the US from.

Similarly, experts have noted that the attack comes only a few months before full diplomatic and commercial ties have been formally established between Israel and two Gulf states as per the Abraham Accords, which could mean that the attack is meant to target this new alliance in the region.

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