Did Nikki Haley Just Celebrate a Photograph With a Nazi Who Glorifies Hitler?

Published June 13th, 2021 - 06:26 GMT
Nikki Haley and Pastor John Hagee
Photograph that stirred backlash online was taken during a visit to Israel. (Twitter: @NikkiHaley)

A recent photograph posted by the former US ambassador to the UN has stirred online controversy as she was accompanied by a Texas pastor accused of making pro-Nazi remarks in the past.

The photograph was taken in Israel during a visit by Nikki Haley, a republican politician who is considered one of the strongest supporters of former US President Donald Trump, featuring well-known Pastor John Hagee.

Haley met Hagee during a Shabbat dinner held in Israel, one that was also attended by the former US ambassador to Israel David Friedman.

Even though John Hagee is quite famous for his support to Israel, having established a Christian Zionist organization named Christians United for Israel, he has faced multiple accusations of making anti-Jewish remarks over the past few years. These accusations have been highlighted by many online commentators who attacked Haley's celebration of the photo with him, saying that it goes against supporting the Jewish people.

In a 1990s sermon, Hagee claimed that "God had sent Adolf Hitler to punish the Jews of Europe who didn't follow Theodor Herzl's plan of migrating to historic Palestine to create the state of Israel." 

Hagee had also added that Hitler was "a hunter sent by God to shepherd the Jewish people into Palestine" to re-establish the state of Israel.

Over the years and despite Hagee's strong support of Israel, several American politicians had distanced themselves from him in response to his statements, which had been largely deemed antisemitic, including the former Republican US senator John McCain who ran for office in 2008, rejecting Hagee's endorsement. 

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