Did This Saudi TV Show Just Call for Normalization With Israel and Portray Palestinians as the Enemy?

Published April 28th, 2020 - 07:21 GMT
Did This Saudi TV Show Just Call for Normalization With Israel and Portray Palestinians as the Enemy?
Makhraj 7 is the latest Ramadan drama show to stir controversy this year. (Twitter)

Ramadan 2020 Arabic drama continues to trigger political debates and controversies. A segment in the Saudi show Exit 7 "Makhraj 7" has most recently been attacked by social media users for 'promoting normalization with Israel".

A short video clip of the show's segment was widely shared on Twitter, with many people accusing it of discussing one of the most controversial topics in the Middle East. In the segment, the well-known actor Nasser Al Qasabi discusses a business plans with Israel and asks Rashid Al Shamrani whether he's indeed going forward with it.

Al Shamrani then confirms that he's planning to, saying that years of "supporting Palestinians didn't pay off as they keep on attacking Saudis at every chance they get".

Al Qasabi then responds saying; "he's not supposed to support a certain nationality and that he should stand by the right side regardless of the people" adding that "Palestinians are not one entity; there are ungrateful people among them just as much as there are appreciative ones. There are ones who resist the occupation bravely while others cooperate with Israel and grant them access to more land."

Translation: "This is such a great statement by Nasser Al Qasabi. It's the best response to those who keep calling for normalization"

As soon as the video went viral online, many users considered it a subtle call for normalization with Israel, while others celebrated it saying it does have a point, that political support shouldn't be linked to nationality and favorability, but with justice instead.

Translation: "If they have educated people, how come we've never seen them stand against the ignorant? If they have good and bad people how come they don't stop the ones insulting us and our leadership? If you think they're like us where are those ones who wish us good?"

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