Does Pompeo Really Have Clinton's Emails on ISIS, Al Jazeera, and Other MENA Probes to Share Before the Elections?

Published October 13th, 2020 - 08:52 GMT
Have Clinton Emails Been Leaked Already? ISIS, Al Jazeera, and Other MENA Probes
Internet people have been sharing screenshots of what they said are leaked examples of Clinton emails, suggesting that policies maintained by her and the Obama administration had "destabilized" entire regions. (Al Bawaba)

Approaching the 2020 US presidential elections, discussions over emails managed by the former presidential candidate and US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton are making headlines again, as the current Sec. of State in the Trump administration hints that "he might release Clinton's emails to the public soon."

Even though a thorough year-long investigation conducted by officials in the State Department between the years 2018-2019 concluded that Clinton didn't "deliberately mishandle classified information" exchanged via a private email server during her tenure in the government, internet people have been sharing screenshots of what they said are leaked examples of Clinton's emails, suggesting that policies maintained by her and the Obama administration had "destabilized" entire regions, specifically the Middle East.

During Clinton's time in office from 2009-2013, several Arab countries had witnessed waves of popular protests that overthrew a number of the oldest political dictatorships in the region, starting with Tunisia in January 2011, Egypt in February of the same year, in addition to several intense conflicts in Libya, Yemen, and Syria, which lived through years of civil wars with a number of international players.

According to unverified screenshots shared across social media, Clinton was aware of Qatari plans to fund a major media network to promote the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, several months after the MB candidate for presidency Mohammad Morsi won elections in June 2012 and assumed power for one year, and before the military intervention that ousted him in July 2013. An aid of Clinton had then forwarded a news item published in the Egyptian English-speaking newspaper Al-Masry Al-Youm. Similar screenshots were shared to analyze the roles of different political parties engaged in the political process in Libya following the death of ousted leader Muammar al-Gaddafi.

However, all documents revised and mentioned in this article show analysis and news items collected and reported by executives of the US State Department, and don't necessarily suggest that the US administration was directly involved or supportive of any side. 

Translation: "Clinton Emails (Biden's supporter) talk about an agreement between Qasem Soleimani and Obama to facilitate ISIS access to Iraq so they found an Iraqi version of the IRGC, all with Al Maliki's approval. This is not a rumor. This is the truth. Now, do you understand why people like us hate the Democratic party in the US?"

Additionally, some social media users circulated information they said is supported by the soon-to-be-leaked documents, saying that the Obama administration "had made a secret agreement with the Iranian government, through which ISIS was created and sent to Iraqi and Syrian territories since 2013." Yet, none of the already shared screenshots supported this claim.

More information is expected to be uncovered once Mike Pompeo releases official records of Clinton's deleted emails as promised, which is expected to be published before the US elections scheduled on the 3rd of November 2020.

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