Doomsday Plane in USA and Russia: The Noah’s Ark of Our Time?

Published March 20th, 2022 - 06:49 GMT
The Doomsday Plane
Both the US and Russia have a "doomsday plane". (Twitter: @Yentl11m)

Given that the US and Russia are the two leading countries in terms of nuclear weapons they own, both have developed plans for the safe evacuation of their heads of states, in case of a nuclear attack through "Doomsday Plane".

With the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine and the targeting of part of the nuclear facilities in Chernobyl and Zaporizhzhia, fears of a major nuclear attack are on the rise, especially with the ongoing but unsuccessful negotiations taking place between Ukrainian and Russian diplomats nearing a month now.

Such conversations have shed light on the nuclear evacuation plans pinned by both the United States and Russia, ones that mainly aim to protect the head of each country - presidents Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin using a special military plane designated for such an emergency and called The Doomsday Plane.

The Doomsday Plane is a multi-featured aircraft owned by the US and Russian militaries and meant to evacuate both presidents and allow them to fully carry out their official duties from the sky in times of emergencies during a globally-destructive nuclear war threatening  their own lives and humanity as we know it.

According to internet sources, only the United States and Russia are believed to have such doomsday planes, ones that sound more like the "Noah’s Arks of the 21st century", and designed to rescue high-profile personalities when faced with extreme danger.

The Daily Mail has cited an anonymous source saying Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered a drill evacuation using his doomsday plane. The same source has claimed that Putin is "depressed" over the "lack of progress achieved by his troops in Ukraine" as the war enters its fourth week.

Moreover, the same report claimed that Putin's family has been evacuated to an "underground shelter" to ensure their safety amid the war".

Internet people have also been posting screenshots showing the different trips taken recently by the American doomsday plane, saying it has been pretty active, moving from one US state to another. Other users also shared unverified reports suggesting that the Russian doomsday plane has left Moscow last week, "heading east".

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