Egypt’s National Football Team Struck by Sexual Harassment Scandal

Published June 24th, 2019 - 10:03 GMT
(Al Bawaba News)
(Al Bawaba News)


Egypt’s social media have been exploding in anger with people debating over the National Football Teams latest sexual harassment scandal in regard to an Egyptian-British model.

Merhan Keller, a Dubai-based model of Egyptian-British origins, went to Instagram in the weekend and called out one of Egypt’s football team players, called Amr Warda, for harassing her on social media.

The story started on Saturday night when Keller posted a photo of her on Instagram playing boxing. Shortly after she posted it and following the national team’s first win in the 2019’s Africa Cup of Nations, the story was seen by four members of the Egyptian football team all at the same time.

Two of those players did not send anything, while the other two actually messaged her. Yet, there was nothing harmful in this all until Amr Warda, who sent her “Boxing? Haha” started harassing her after she ignored his message.

Keller went the other day and posted a series of stories on her Instagram, one of them is a screenshot of Warda’s message and the others narrating what happened after that when he got angry and told her that she apparently does not realize who he is and he could easily get her number because nobody ignores him.

Not only this, Keller had posted another screenshot from Warda’s sister who sent her a message threatening her to delete Warda’s screenshot, otherwise, she would shut down her account.

The story since then had taken the Egyptian and Arabic social media by storm.

Meanwhile, some people went to defend Warda accusing the model of seeking fame and attention.

However, many girls came out in response to those who defended Warda and posted screenshots for harassment messages they received from Warda in the past.

Translation: “I am one of many girls who were messaged by Amr Warda and asked me to fly to him in Greece six times. [I am posting this] for those who say that what he had done with Merhan [Keller] is nothing.”

In fact, Amr Warda has a history of harassment scandals.

Earlier in 2017, one of the local Portuguese football clubs had ended a loan of Egyptian international football player Amr Warda only three days after both parties have signed the contract. The cancellation came in response to the player’s involvement in harassment incidents that two wives of his teammates were subject to, after his first match with the team.


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