Egypt arrests man for stabbing beauty queen

Published April 2nd, 2023 - 07:27 GMT
Miss Nile
Egyptian pageant queen Marwa Adel was violently attacked. (Twitter)

ALBAWABA - An Egyptian man violently attacked a beauty queen and stabbed her multiple times.

Egyptian security forces announced arresting the man who stabbed Miss Nile Marwa Adel distorting her face. The suspect will be held under investigation for four days according to the Public Prosecution on charges of mutilating Marwa Adel's face.

Adel suffered separate cut wounds in her face that were sutured with 25 stitches.

Media reported that the 20-year-old woman was going out of her house to meet a friend and she heard the sounds of steps on the stairs then she was attacked by one of her neighbors.

In detail, Miss Nile revealed that the attacker closed the door when she was going out and she was "surprised by the attack" which she tried to stop but she couldn't.

He assaulted her using a sharp object and hit her on the head and he left her with a mutilate in the face.

The Egyptian beauty queen noted that the suspect had previously carried out stabbing attacks against his father and brother, in separate incidents. 

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