Egyptian Coptic Priest Under Fire for Insulting Prophet Mohammad

Published November 14th, 2021 - 11:30 GMT
Egyptian Coptic priest Zakaria Botros
Egyptian Coptic priest Zakaria Botros. (Social Media)

A huge social media campaign was launched against an Egyptian Coptic priest, known as Zakaria Botros, yesterday over a video of him insulting Prophet Mohammad.

Not only Muslims were triggered by his video, but also Christians have participated widely in the refusal of the Coptic priest’s video and rejected any insult made against Islam, Muslims or Prophet Mohammad.

A person took it to Twitter saying that the Coptic priest has been kicked out of Egypt since 2003 and he is only representing himself and not Egyptian Christians.

Furthermore, the Egyptian Coptic Orthodox Church has released on Saturday a statement regarding Zakaria Botros’ video saying that the Coptic priest’s relationship with the church was cut off for about 18 years, Al Hurra reported.

The statement also declared that Botros used to be a priest in Egypt but was transferred between several churches for his messed up beliefs. Then he was suspended for a while where later the Coptic priest was sent to Australia then to the UK; Where he continued his non-Orthodox education as well.

In the end, the Egyptian Coptic church has reaffirmed its position of respect towards Islam and Prophet Mohammad which refuses any kind of insult, abuse or demeaning acts as they don’t represent the Christian spirit that fosters love and respect for all faiths.

Several hashtags were released with calls to punish the Coptic priest for his continuous insults against Islam and the Prophet including “#عاقبوا_زكريا_بطرس and #إلا_رسول_الله.”

On the other hand, other social media users have slammed the wide re-share of the Coptic priest’s old video saying that it only aims at religious division and sectarian strife in Egypt.

Zakaria Botros is an Orthodox Coptic priest. He worked as a priest in Australia in 1992. He is well-known for his critiques of the Qur'an and other books of Islam.

He has been named "Islam's public enemy No. 1" by Arabic newspaper Al Insan Al Jadeed while Al-Qaeda has put a $60 million bounty on his head, according to Wikipedia.

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