Egyptians Defend Young Girl Who Killed Her Rapist In Face of The Law

Published July 18th, 2019 - 12:22 GMT
A photo shared on Egyptian social media for Amira.
A photo shared on Egyptian social media for Amira.

The story of an Egyptian young girl who has been accused of deliberately killing a man who attempted to rape her is catching more attention in Egypt.

The girl who is facing trial over the killing and is danger of being sentenced for long years or might even face the death penalty has been identified in the media as Amira from Madinet Al Ayat in Giza.

According to the Egyptian media, Amira was attacked by three men, who kidnapped her and took her to an unknown destination where they attacked her and attempted to rape her under threat of a knife.

Amira reportedly surrendered to them until they left the knife aside, then she used it to kill the man who was sexually attacking her.

The girl then fled the scene to the nearest mosque where she called her father and handed herself in to the police and held in custody. 

Later on Amira was reportedly brought before a judge.

The news sparked a public outcry with Egyptians calling Amira as “Fatat Al Ayat” [Ayat’s girl] and demanding her release and bringing those who attacked her to justice.

Translation: “I call on the Egyptian authorities release the girl.”

Translation: “Innocence for the Al Ayat’s girl and death sentence to those who tried to rape her.”

Many Egyptians feared that Amira would be put in jail as according to the Egyptian law, rape must actually take place to consider killing, in this case, as self-defense. However this might be seen as only attempted rape and deliberate murder which means the girl goes to jail.

Translation: “Unfortunately, the Ayat girl will be sentenced to jail as the great Egyptian law states that to consider murder as self-defense, rape must have actually taken place. In this case, it is only a rape attempt and literally, if this girl is sentenced to jail we will be in this rotten country.”

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