Emirati Female Candidate Promotes Polygamy in National Elections

Published September 11th, 2019 - 09:56 GMT

An Emirati female candidate running for the UAE’s Federal National Council elections has sparked controversy for promoting polygamy as one of her campaign slogans.

Khawla Abdel Aziz Al-Ali, an employee at the Sharjah Public Library, is presenting her campaign program focusing on promoting polygamy as the solution to  “spinsterhood” among women in the United Arab Emirates.

While candidates launched their campaign programs, Sunday, ahead of the elections set for October, Al-Ali’s banner is of her photo with a slogan reading: “For a spinsterhood-free society, yes to polygamy”.

This 'polygamy' banner was plasted in several parts of the country and is stirring controversy and has already met with uproar and opposition in the Arab world.

Internet users have shared photos of the banner on Sharjah streets and social media platforms presented a divided opinion.

Translation: “A candidate for the UAE’s Federal National Council elections is campaigning for polygamy to decrease the number of spinster. Whoever is going to vote for her to stand next to me?”

Meanwhile, all the voices who agreed with the Sharjah candidate and announced their support were surprisingly Emirati men only who would usually be criticized if they attempt to take such a step but would do it anyway on the grounds of religion, which is in fact not true. Islam allows polygamy in specific cases only.

Al-Ali is facing a mass backlash from married and non-married Emirati women in addition to the criticism by women rights activists.

Translation: “The disappointing fact is that Emirati women themselves still think spinsterhood is a problem that needs to be solved.”

On top of this, Khawla Al-Ali has gone to media to talk more about her electoral program especially after coming under attack for being single. In The National, she emphasized her pro-polygamy position has nothing to do with her marital status, but only related to her belief that multiple-wives is beneficial.

Translation: “It may have been better if Khawla Abdelaziz proposed solutions for the main issues in our society to help in its development instead of demeaning Emirati women. How did she come up with this, I'll never know.”

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