'Execute Him': Joining Facebook Got a Jordanian Teenager Killed by Her Brother

Published May 10th, 2020 - 07:37 GMT
'Execute Him': Joining Facebook Got a Jordanian Teenager Killed by Her Brother
The Criminal Court prosecutor charged the young man with manslaughter after he threw a kitchen knife at his sister. (Twitter: @lameessm)

News of the latest crime in Jordan, where a 14-years-old girl lost his life, has prompted angry calls to execute her 23-years old brother, who killed her with a knife stab in the back.

Last Friday, Jordanians were appalled with details of a crime, in which a young man reportedly stabbed his younger sister in the back, after learning that she had created a Facebook account for herself using his mobile phone, resulting in her immediate death.

According to the Jordan Times, the Criminal Court prosecutor charged the young man with manslaughter, after he threw a kitchen knife at his sister following "a heated argument."

Responding to the news, many users expressed their anger towards yet another family crime against women in the country, calling on authorities to take more severe measures to protect women's lives in Jordan.

Twitter users launched the hashtag #نطالب_باعدام_قاتل_اخته (We demand the execution of sister's killer) and tweeted against comments that defended him.

On Facebook, a user who introduced himself as a cousin of both the victim and the offender, said that his cousin "didn't mean to kill his sister" and that it was all "an unfortunate accident following a regular sibling argument."

His comment, in addition to many others justifying the incident by the pretext; "the young man's fear of his sister's privacy" triggered many angry reactions on social media.

Many users blamed the crime and the behavior of the killer's defenders on patriarchal concepts that are still strong in the Jordanian society, where men believe "they have to control and protect" the family's reputation and female's lives.

Translation: "The brother, who killed his 14-year old sister after she joined a social media website, couldn't have committed this crime if it were not for the male-dominant values he was raised by at home, ones that grant him permission to control and supervise his sister and gives him the right to discipline her even if that meant killing her."

According to Solidarity Is Global Institute, SIGI, a local women's rights organization, 7 Jordanian women have lost their lives to domestic violence in 2020 so far.

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