Fix the Toilet: Space X Astronauts Come Down to Earth in Diapers!

Published November 9th, 2021 - 10:20 GMT
The Space X astronauts
The Space X astronauts (

ALBAWABA - Imagine going for 20 hours without visiting the toilet; that might be a little bit difficult and quite frankly depressing! 

But this has not been a major worry for the four-member crew on board the Space X Dragon Endeavor Capsule. They have been in space since mid-April at the International Space Station and have come down splashing to earth just week.

One problem, they found out just at the last moment the toilet in the Capsule had broken down and not function. No problem! Only one more "challenge" to learn to cope with and improvise in space. 

The astronauts - Magan McArthur and Shane Kimborbrough from NASA, Akihiko Hoshide of Japan's JAXA, and Thomas Pesquet from France ESA have come down to wearing "adult diapers." 

The social media have covered this piece of information as many would have expected but the news websites carried much information not only about the broken-down toilet - although much "technicality" went into that as expected but there was more on the purpose of the last space mission. 

We are told this is Crew 2 that have gone up at the ISS and that Crew 3 is following up almost immediately. But the problem with the toilet has been there all the time. While the Space X team say they fixed it, the problem keeps recurring. Somewhow the "tube" keeps getting unplugged. 

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