Flicking a Match To Their Bodies: Stateless Kuwaiti Suicide Attempts Reignite Debate Over Their Plight

Published December 30th, 2020 - 07:26 GMT
Stateless Kuwaiti Attempts Suicide Reigniting Discussions Over the Community's Status
Thousands of people who belong to nomad tribes in the Arabian Peninsula have been denied Kuwaiti citizenship as they settled in Kuwait by 1959. (Al Bawaba)

A Kuwaiti stateless man has reportedly attempted suicide by setting himself on fire in his home in the Sulaibiya area and is now in hospital receiving intensive care. The attempt has rekindled the conversation over stateless people in Kuwait, also known as Bidoon, as more than 120,000 people continue to live with no citizenship in the country they were born in.

Reacting to the news of the attempted suicide, thousands of Kuwaitis created the hashtags #حل_قضيه_البدون_هي_الانتحار (Suicide is the solution to the Bidoon problem) and #انتحار_بدون_بالصليبية (the suicide of Sulaibiya's bidoon; urging officials to take serious actions towards granting full rights to the Bidoon community, before it's too late.

Social media users tweeted in support of the stateless community, calling on authorities to speed up political discussions that aim to reach a fair solution to their worsening conditions in the country.

In the newly-formed parliament, a number of MPs have pledged to put pressure on the Kuwaiti Prime Minister Sheikh Sabah Al-Khaled Al-Sabah so his government provides the stateless community with a fair and just solution as soon as possible.

Translation: "Thank God, the stateless population has been registered for the vaccine."

Recently, many online people expressed relief over the Kuwaiti government's decision to include members of the stateless community in the free vaccine campaign rolled out in the country for over a week now.

Translation: "The stateless issues is the biggest moral dilemma"

Thousands of people who belong to nomadic tribes in the Arabian Peninsula have been denied Kuwaiti citizenship as they settled in Kuwait by 1959. Legally, they have been given unique IDs with limited access to services and rights granted to other individuals who have received the country's full citizenship. Hence, generations of the Bidoon community have suffered in record numbers much poverty and unemployment.

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