'Flirted With his Niece and Paid for High SAT Scores': 8 of the Darkest 'Secrets' Found in Mary Trump's Book

Published July 14th, 2020 - 06:21 GMT
'Flirted With the Niece and Paid for High SAT Score': 8 of the Darkest 'Secrets' Found in Mary Trump's Book
Last night, a New York judge ruled that Mary Trump can finally speak to the press to promote her new book . (Al Bawaba)

Prior to its release today, the controversial tell-all book written by US President's niece Mary Trump has become Amazon's #1 best selling book, as the public grows more curious than ever to learn more about the 45th president of the United States, who might be able to score a second term in the White House next November.

The book titled "Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World's Most Dangerous Man" has stirred a lot of debate weeks before its release, especially as it was described as a bombshell book that will "reveal many of the US President's darkest secrets."

Last night, a New York judge ruled that Mary Trump can finally speak to the press to promote her new book, lifting a previous gag rule, a decision that came just in time for the controversial book's release.

Mary Trump, daughter of Trump's late older brother, Fred Jr, is a certified professional life coach who took the chance to "diagnose" her uncle and grandfather's behaviors using psychology terms; saying "Fred Sr was a sociopath" and Donald Trump is "a narcissist who suffers an antisocial personality disorder."

Despite many social media users expressing their rejection of the book's content, saying that it's "all an attempt to cash in some money by the president's niece", especially as the US approaches critical elections, many others posted pictures, showing that they're reading the book that has already been made available on Kindle devices, in addition to excerpts that "shocked them the most."

1. Donald Trump hit on his 29-year-old niece Mary when he saw her in a bathing suit during a family vacation at his Mar-a-Lag resort in Florida, reportedly "complementing her breasts".

2. The US President paid to get a high SAT score so he could enter undergraduate school.

3. He went to the cinema the day his older brother Fred Jr passed away in 1981.

4. Donald Trump didn't recognize his daughter-in-law, who had joined the family 8 years earlier during a 2017 family dinner. but praised her speech.

5. His own sister, Maryanne Trump Barry, responded to his announcement of running for president in 2015 in shock describing him as "a clown."

6. Ivanka's in-laws "didn't think she was good enough" for their son, Jared Kushner, until she converted to Judaism.

7. Donald Trump's father had often used anti-semitic language such as "Jew me down."

8. The US President has suffered an "un-diagnosed learning disability" for years.

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