Gang-rape of Sudanese Student Triggers Massive Protest in Khartoum

Published March 17th, 2022 - 10:37 GMT
Sudanese security forces gang-raped a female in Khartoum.
A Sudanese holds a placard reading "Our revolution is against dictatorship, masculinity, racism, capitalism, and classism" during a rally marking the International Women's Day in Sudan's capital Khartoum, on March 8, 2022. (Photo by AFP)
Sudanese security forces gang-raped a female in Khartoum

Sudanese women and activists have called for a 'million people protest' to decry the rape of a young female by security forces at the Massalamiya bridge in central Khartoum. 

The protest of anger is being held under the slogan #ما_بكسروك which means they won't break you. The rally came in response to the crimes made by coup forces including rape as well as violations against humanity.

The violent acts by the Sudanese coup forces against women and girls are aimed to deter them from participating in their simplest rights of peaceful protests against living conditions and the government.

Thousands of women have participated in Tuesday's protest holding banners slamming the rape of the Sudanese girl by the security forces. Protesters held banners reading: “No to physical abuse or wasting women's dignity” and “Women’s bodies are not battlefields.”

Several hashtags were also raised online calling more people to join the rally against this horrible rape incident such as #March15March, #SudanCoup, #ما_بكسروك, and #مليونية15مارس.

On March 14, reports suggested that the security forces “attempted to rape” a student in Sudan. However, the report was confirmed by the head of Sudan’s Combating Violence Against Women Unit (CVAW) Selima Khalifa Ishaq on Wednesday.

A team of lawyers was formed to support the young rape survivor to launch a lawsuit against the security forces.

The UN expert Adama Dieng was “Shocked by allegations that a young woman, bus passenger, was gang-raped by the Central Reserve Police officers in Khartoum.” 

According to sources, Sudanese security forces have reportedly raped and harassed several Sudanese women during their protests against the government and former president Omar Al-Bashir.

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