Get Ready For Mars: Jordan is to Slash Customs on Space Vehicles 

Published January 16th, 2022 - 12:00 GMT
UFO/ Rami Khoury/Albawaba

ALBAWABA - The netizens are at it again. This time individual bloggers are making fun of the largest reduction in customs that is being made by the government in Jordan. The reduction is to stimulate industry and get the economy moving in light of the worst global recession brought on by the Covid-19 virus. So this is serious stuff.

One particular item that perked the ears of many on the social media is the issue of space vehicles. Customs on these space crafts are to be lowered for want of a better word to encourage and stimulate their activity. 

Quick. Hashtags in Arabic of course, soon started to fly around with two main ones (#المركبات_الفضائية #هنا_المملكة) standing out for the interested. Ridicule it was certainly not, however, what does one makes of the customs reductions on space vehicles that include satellites and rocket launchers.


First one, are we really going to import these large gadgets these into the country; and when we do what are we going to do with them. Secondly does Jordan have a space industry sector we didn't know about? Tricky question. It would be nice to have a space sector, a bit expensive to put it mildly, but we would certainly compete with the Americans, Russians, Chinese and possibly the French, or are they related to the Europeans. 

One blogger from Jordan says this news brings "tears of joy", another simply says reducing customs would make trade prosper with Mars and increase our exports with the red planet. It will be boom, boom for everyone.

Another however, splashes his comment in a form of an advert: "Wanted: A Space Vehicles Mechanic  wanted with at least five years experience to work on planet Mars"

What should we make of this. Harmless bit of fun maybe.......but the government shouldn't put themselves in such a position in the first place.

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