A Glass of Beer Costs Around $30 at New York Airports

Published August 5th, 2021 - 11:44 GMT
A glass of beer for $30 at New York airports
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Who would buy a glass of beer for $30?

By Sally Shakkour

A Tweet has caused stir and ignited debate on social media after a glass of Sam Adams beer accounted for around $30 at LaGuardia bar branches in New York airports, Eye of the Flyer reported.

After the image crashed over the internet, restaurants, stores and bars at New York’s three main airports are facing an internal audit.

The Tweet that caused the huge outrage was shared by Cooper Lund and got over 300 likes and 130 retweets.

He wrote: “lol at all of this, including the additional 10% “COVID Recovery Fee” that doesn’t go to workers.”

Moreover, he shared the ads appearing on the terminal, backlashing them as unhealthy and indicating how unwell the country is.

Summer lovers criticized the cost of the beer since it's considered the best drink in hot weather. One user said she felt bad raising the cost of the glass for $4 when she was a bar manager, but “I don’t feel so bad now lol.”

Another person made fun of the prices at New York airport saying: “Travelling seems fun nowadays.”

Beer prices inside a LaGuardia airport bar range between $13 and $20 with the highest one being Sam Adams Summer Ale Draught costing $27.85; which is considered super expensive compared to regular bars inside New York City where the drink costs between $6 to $12. 

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