Glorifying Violence: 'Israel Is Trying to Make Killing Palestinians Look Sexy'

Published November 12th, 2019 - 10:19 GMT
Instagram: @orin_julie
Instagram: @orin_julie

Orin Julie, also known on social media as The Queen of Guns, is a veteran of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). Having nearly 600K followers on Instagram, Julie has turned her fame into a business and manages a company called Alpha Gun Marketing, which specializes in social media marketing for gun companies. 

A video from Israeli news channel i24NEWS featuring Orin as she posed firing huge machine-guns and covered in fake blood spatter was shared online.

Many reacted furiously to the video and found it to be distasteful particularly as the Israeli military is often criticized for using violence and disproportionate force against Palestinians. Some described it as glorifying this violence. 

On her Instagram page Orin shares images and videos of herself, sometimes in skimpy outfits or provocative poses as she promotes her weapons, which some have criticized as an example of romanticizing guns.


In the i24News video Orin says she hopes she will be invited to the White House for her next gun calendar shoot, triggering critics to call her out for her ambitions. 

Some people attributed her fascination with guns to gun culture in the US where the second amendment right to bear arms remains a hot issue. 

There were people who came to her defense, however, suggesting she was simply marketing her brand, not making a political statement. 

Some pro-Israeli Twitter users tried to tear down the argument that Orin was glorifying IDF violence against Palestinians by drawing a parallel between her campaign and armed groups in Palestine.

Orin served in the military for three years and two months. Today she’s still on duty as a reserve in the Sword battalion working to promote the IDF on social media. 

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